All’Aperto or In the Open Air is inspired by warm, romantic Italian Summers.

My Role(s): Art Direction and Animation

The color palette references the warm colors of a sunset on the beach, aperol spritz’, and the cool blues of the ocean.

The typography is reminiscent of café menus, signage, and Roman type.

All’aperto has 2 sets of custom stickers in differing styles. The first set is rendered in a painterly, textural style and the second is loose, gestural, and minimal. Both take inspiration from a traveller’s sketchbook.

Black & White Sticker Animation & Illustration by Dustin Dahlman

Flyer @ Paperless Post
Flyer is Paperless Post’s newest addition to its range of event products; It is a mobile-first product designed to offer event hosts a fun and less formal invitation creation experience. Flyer provides its users with a library of assets including: color palettes, gif stickers, animated backgrounds, and text effects to fully customize their event invitations.