Bauble is an editorial take on Christmas and its gaudy, consumerist tendencies.

My Role(s): Art Direction, Prop Styling, Photography, and Retouching

Sourced and shot imagery is super saturated, sharp, and grainy to mimic retro advertising.

The color palette is a skewed version of traditional Christmas colors, leaning grotesque. 

The typography has campy motion and the typefaces are inspired by classic Christmas album covers, Christmas movie titles, and mid-century signage.

The stickers add another layer of comedy to it all, ranging from a booty shaking angel to a melting snowman. R.I.P., Frosty!

Sticker Illustration & Animation by Dustin Dahlman

Flyer @ Paperless Post
Flyer is Paperless Post’s newest addition to its range of event products; It is a mobile-first product designed to offer event hosts a fun and less formal invitation creation experience. Flyer provides its users with a library of assets including: color palettes, gif stickers, animated backgrounds, and text effects to fully customize their event invitations.